September 03, 2012

Change of Assignment

Tactical has been good to me. It's done me a lot of favours and in return, I've done the same. Hell, I've done a lot (see below).
- Hazard Team
- New Tactical Blog Header
- Chain of Command Poster
- Events
- Tactical Equipment Package
- Many more, but the last goes on forever. ^_^

Suffice it to say, I've done shed loads of stuff in Tactical. Of course, the regulations state that if you take up a command position within another division, you must first give up the one you currently hold. I've had to relinquish my Tactical Assistant Lead position in order to help out in Medical as their Assistant Lead. Although, it's not all bad.

Lt. Commander Kal Aie and MCPO Dustin Thunderstorm have been and still are awesome people to work alongside. It just means I gotta report to Dustin. ^_^ It's still an honor to serve with them.

I've been discussing a new "alternative" with Tactical. In order to continue supporting the structure and staff in Tactical without any restrictions, I've taken up the role of "Senior Tactical Advisor" in order to continue the projects I don't want to give up.

Meanwhile, over at Medical: Commodore Da5id Weatherwax took me on as his Assistant Lead yesterday (2nd August 2012). This was done during the Medical Meeting that took place on the same day.
My old colors before 03/08/2012

My new colors: 03/08/2012

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